Brandt, Jozef (1841-1915) "River Crossing" O/W 5in x 12.5in

Chagall, Marc (1887-1985) "Deux Visages"  Ink & W/C  7in x 9in  **SOLD**

Chagall, Marc (1887-1985)  "Memories of Vitebsk"   Ink   11in x 9in **NEW**

Chagall, Marc (1887-1985)  "Lovers on the Rooster"  W/C  10.5in x 14.25in **NEW**

Chelminski, Jan (1851-1925) "The Patrol" O/C 7in x 10in

Chelminski, Jan (1851-1925) "A Winter Sleigh Ride" O/W 17in x 13in

Chmielinski, Wladyslaw (1911-1979) "At the Well with Horses" O/C 27.5in x 19.5in 

Cygan,Z (1890-?) "A Winter Sleigh Ride" O/C 36in x 24in

Filipkiewicz, Stefan (1879-1944) "Roses in a Vase" O/H 18.5in x 23in

Filipkiewicz, Stefan(1879-1944)  "View of Dunajec near Szaflary"  O/H 16in x 12.5in 

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "Klezmers on the Moon" O/C 40in x 30in

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "Horse Market" O/C 40in x 30in

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "Wedding" Watercolor 30in x 22in 

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "Leaving Kazimierz" Line Engraving 17.5in x 12.5in 

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "Marketplace" Black Ink 28in x 19in

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "Sukkot" Lithograph 19in x 13in

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "Shepard" Lithograph 19in x 13in 

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "Mother Nursing a Baby" Watercolor 26in x 20in

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "Marketplace" Watercolor 28in x 20in 

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "Shtetl"  Line Engraving  28in x18in 

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "Summer Klezmers" 51in x 51in O/C

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "The Wanderer" Watercolor 24in x 18in

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "Crossing the River" Watercolor 24in x 18in

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "Sopher" Watercolor 24in x 18in 

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "Klezmers" Lithograph   

Goldberg, Chaim (1917-2004) "The Violinist's Serenade" Line Engraving

Gottlieb, Leopold (1879-1934) "Group of Figures" O/W 14.5in x 10.5in **NEW**

Hofman, Vlastimil (1881-1970) "An Old Woman" O/H 13.5in x 19in

Hofman, Vlastimil (1881-1970) "Youth and Old Age" O/H 39in x 27in **SOLD**

Hoffman, Vlastimil (1881-1970) "Two Women" O/H 19in x 13in

Kanelba, Raymond (1897-1960) "Boy with Accordion" O/H 15in x 19in 

Kanelba, Raymond (1897-1960) "Gypsy Girl" O/C 16in x 20in **NEW**

Korecki, Wiktor (1890-1980) "Winter River Scene" O/H 33.5in x 18in  

Korecki,Wiktor (1890-1980) "Autumn" O/H 33.5in x 18in

Korecki,Wiktor (1890-1980) "Forest in Winter" O/H 33.5in x 18in

Kossak, Juliusz (1824-1899) "Portrait of a Man" Watercolor 7in x 5.5in

Kossak, Juliusz (1824-1899) "Young Arab Boy with a Horse" Black Ink 11in x 14in

Kossak, Juliusz (1824-1899) "Gen. Kosciuszko on Horseback" Watercolor 8.5in x 7in

Kowalski-Wierusz, Alfred (1849-1915) " A Hunting Party" O/W 16in x 11in

Landau, Zygmunt (1898-1962) "Summer Flowers"  O/C 16in x 26.5in  **NEW**

Malczewski, Jacek (1854-1929) "Portrait of Jozef Krupinski" O/H 20.5in x 25.5in

Malczewski, Jacek (1854-1929) "Terrace Scene with My Models" O/H 10in x 14in **SOLD**

Menkes, Zygmunt (1896-1986) "The Piano Player" Lithograph 14in x 10in

Menkes, Zygmunt (1896-1986) "Standing Woman"  Pencil  8in x 11.5in  **NEW**

Menkes, Zygmunt (1896-1986) "Girls with Birds"  Ink  13in x 16in  **NEW**

Menkes, Zygmunt (1896-1986) "Nude"  O/C  14.5in x 18in  

Menkes, Zygmunt (1896-1986) "Flowers"  O/C 18in x 24in

Menkes, Zygmunt (1896-1986) "Still Life with Blue Flowers"  O/C 24in x 31in  **NEW**

Menkes, Zygmunt (1896-1986) "Peaches and Melons on the Porch"  O/C 25in x 30in  **NEW**

Menkes, Zygmunt (1896-1986) "Woman with Poppies"  gouache 15in x 10.5in  **NEW**

Menkes, Zygmunt (1896-1986) "The Artist and Model in Studio" gouache  17in x 23in  **NEW**

Morozova, Liudmila (1907-1997)  "Flowers"  O/H  16in x 12in  

Morozova, Liudmila (1907-1997)  "Bouquet of Peonies"  O/H  20in x 22in 

Nedilko, Mykola (1902-1979)  "Autumn in the Mountains"  O/C 31.5in x 24in  **NEW**

Pankiewicz, Jozef (1866-1940) "Summer Landscape" O/C 12in x 15in

Piasecki, Leszek (1928-1991) "Hunting Scene"  O/C  36in x 24in  

Presser, Josef (1907-1967) "Performer with a Fish"  Mixed Media 9in x 11in  **NEW**

Presser, Josef (1907-1967) "Young Girl"  Mixed Media 12in x 14n  

Presser, Josef (1907-1967) "Two Fishermen"  Mixed Media 18in x 22in  **NEW**

Presser, Josef (1907-1967) "Two Horses and a Groom"  Mixed Media 22in x 16in  

Presser, Josef (1907-1967) "Circus Man"  Mixed Media 11.5in x 18in  **NEW**

Presser, Josef (1907-1967) "Nude"  Mixed Media 21in x 30in  **NEW**

Presser, Josef (1907-1967 "Four Clowns"  Mixed Media 13in x 9.5in  

Presser, Josef (1907-1967) "Girl with a Hat"  Mixed Media 17in x 13in  **NEW**

Presser, Josef (1907-1967) "Child with a Bird"  Mixed Media 14in x 20in  **NEW**

Presser, Josef (1907-1967) "Young Girl"  Mixed Media 20.5in x 14.5in  

Price, Irene (1900- ) "Copernicus" O/C 26in x 22in

Ostrowski, Wladyslaw (1878-1942) "Tatry in Winter" O/C 16in x 13in

Rapacki, Jozef ( 1871-1929) "In the Garden" O/C 20in x 14in

Rudzka-Cybisowa, Hanna) (1897-1988 ) "View from Salwator" O/C 32in x 24in  

Rychter-Janowska, Bronislawa (1868-1953) "By the Manor-House in Autumn" O/B 12in x 18in

Setkowicz, Adam (1876-1945) "The Day of Baptism" O/H  12in x 16in 

Skoczylas, Wladyslaw (1883-1934) "A Winter Mountain Scene" O/C 27.5in x 37in

Skoczylas, Wladyslaw (1883-1934) "Kazimierz Dolny- Rynek" Woodcut, 9.75in x 6.75in  **NEW**

Slomszynska,Olga (Slom, Olga) (1881-1940) "Provence Landscape" O/C  21in x 14in  

Sobel, Judyta(Jehudith) (1924-2012 ) "Geraniums" O/C 30in x 24in

Sobel, Judyta(Jehudith)1924-2012) "Still Life" O/C 24in x 20in 

Sobel, Judyta(Jehudith) (1924-2012) "Roses" O/C 30in x 24in 

Sobel, Judyta(Jehudith) (1924-2012) "Mountain View" O/C 30in x 36in  **SOLD**

Sobel, Judyta(Jehudith) (1924-2012) " Summer Sun" O/C 30in x 36in  **SOLD**

Sobel, Judyta(Jehudith) (1924-2012) " Autumn in the Catskills" O/C 30in x 24in  **SOLD**

Sobel, Judyta(Jehudith) (1924-2012) " Jewish Boy" O/C 18in x 29in  

Sobel, Judyta(Jehudith)  (1924-2012) "Winter" O/C 30in x 24in  **NEW**

Sobel, Judyta(Jehudith)  (1924-2012) "Still Life with Cyclamen" O/C 30in x 24in  **NEW** 

Sobel, Judyta(Jehudith)  (1924-2012) "Still Life with a Rocking Horse"  O/C 36in x 29in  

Sobel, Judyta(Jehudith) (1924-2012) "Woodstock in Springtime"  O/C 30in x 24in  **NEW**

Sobel, Judyta(Jehudith) (1924-2012) "Woodstock Barns"  O/C 30in x 24in  **NEW**

Sobel, Judyta(Jehudith)  (1924-2012) "Winter Sun" O/C 30in x 24in  

Sobel, Judyta(Jehudith) (1924-2012) "Still Life with Sunflowers" O/C 20in x 24in  **NEW**

Sobel, Judyta(Jehudith) (1924-2012) "Still Life with Summer Flowers" O/C 20in x 24in  **NEW**

Sobel,Judyta(Jehudith) (1924-2012) "The Gathering " Watercolor 20in x 14.5in  **NEW**       

Sobel, Judyta (Jehudith) (1924-2012) "Mountains in Winter" Watercolor, 14.5in x 20in  **NEW**

Sobel Judyta (Jehudith) (1924-2012) "Backyard Woods" Watercolor, 24in x 19in  

Sobel Judyta (Jehudith) (1924-2012) "Still Life with Roses" O/C 20in x 24in  

Stazewski, Henryk (1894-1988) "Geometric Composition", Acrylic/Fiberboard 20in x 20in  

Terlikowski, Wlodzimierz (1873-1951) "Roses" O/C 26in x 20in 

Terlikowski, Wlodzimierz (1873-1951) " Provence Landscape" 24in x 18in O/C **NEW* 

Terlikowski, Wlodzimierz (1873-1951) "Pink Roses on Blue Cloth" 36" x 23" O/C  **NEW**

Terlikowski, Wlodzimierz (1873-1951) "Lobster on White Plate" 21.5" x 15" O/C 

Terlikowski, Wlodzimierz (1873-1951) "Anemones in Blue Vase" 24" x 18" O/C 

Wegner,Stefan (1901-1965) "Auschwitz" Pen/Ink 12in x 9in 

Weiss, Wojciech (1875-1950) "Peonies" O/H 22.5in x 16.5in

Wezyk, Joanna (1966-) "Still Life with Flowers"  O/C  16in x 12in   **NEW**

Wolsky, W ( XX Cent.)  "Winter City Scene" O/C 36.5in x 24in 

Zucker,Jakub( Jacques) (1900-1981) "Provence Town" O/C 25.5in x 21in 




O/C = Oil on Canvas

O/H = Oil on Hardboard

O/W = Oil on Wood

O/P = Oil on Plywood